Special Events Policies

Manasota Beach Club ​Event Information: Reservation and Reservation

Deposits Reservations will be processed when a signed contract and appropriate reservation deposit are received and countersigned by our General Manager.  For all functions, wedding ceremonies, rehearsals and receptions, we require a $1,500.00 deposit to reserve the date and Clubhouse.  $1,000.00 is non-refundable, but will be applied to your final bill.  ​A refundable Security/Damage deposit of $500.00 is included in the initial $1500.00 deposit required to reserve the date. Guest damage to property and facilities, failure to meet all requirements of the contract, additional hours beyond those agreed upon, and/or additional services will be charged against the Security/Damage deposit.  ​

To secure cottages for your celebration, an initial deposit of $1,000.00 is required. The agreed upon five cottages for two-nights must be booked and deposits from you and your guests must be received 90 days prior to event. MBC reserves the right to take reservations from guests outside your party if cottages are available. ​Once all cottages have been reserved, and deposits received, the $1,000.00 will be applied to your bill.  Once we have all the details agreed upon, you are allowed to make installment payments leading up to your event, we require a payment of 50% of approximate balance due 90 days prior to date of event and balance due day of event. All cancellations must be in writing.  

If a Contracting Wedding Party cancels a reservation more than 120 days prior to event, any deposits, except for the initial $1000.00 deposit, will be refunded. After 121 days, deposits shall not be refunded.       

Facility Rules and Regulations:

The following rules and regulations have been established to protect the historic and natural habitat of the grounds and facilities owned by Manasota Beach Club, Inc. (MBC), and shall apply to all events by organizations and groups desiring to utilize the facilities of MBC: ​

1. Smoking and drinking in designated areas only. Cigarette butts and litter must be disposed of properly.

2. Drinking only in designated areas at MBC.  For the safety of guests, MBC shall have the right to stop the serving of any and all alcohol.

3. Cell phone use is prohibited inside the Clubhouse.

4. Recycling of cans and bottles are strongly encouraged. Containers will be provided.

5.  The release of latex balloons is not permitted.

6.  Outdoor entertainment must stop by 11PM and MBC retains the right to control the volume of any music played in or around the premises of MBC.  Entertainment extended past 11PM is subject to a $500.00 charge per hour thereafter. ​

7. Clean Up:  All materials brought to MBC for a private event must be removed from the property immediately following the event unless specific arrangements are made with MBC prior to the event.  Clubhouse and grounds must be returned to original condition.  The kitchen must be clean, with cabinets and counters wiped down and the floor swept and mopped.   MBC will not be responsible for any personal or rental property delivered to MBC for private functions or materials left after the event is over.  All items will need to be removed at the conclusion of the event.

8. Outdoor lighting is permitted within the limited power resources of MBC.  The use and location of lanterns, candles or tiki torches are not encouraged due to natural setting of the property; provided however, if requested, the location shall only be used in areas specifically designated by MBC.

9. Valet parking and car-pooling is suggested due to limited parking areas available.  Bayside parking is available for large gatherings and if used,  a parking attendant must be assigned.

10. Alternative preparations should be made in the event of inclement weather. MBC staff will assist to the best of their abilities. ​

11. Timelines and guarantees, menus and other function arrangements must be finalized at least four weeks before the function; decisions should be made six months to a year in advance to ensure rental and availability of equipment and the facility.  Numbers of guests must be finalized at least one week before the event.  Prior to thirty days before the event, all quoted prices are subject to change.  Thirty days prior to the event, the prices are guaranteed. 

12. Limitation of liability- Manasota Beach Club, Inc., or its employees, shall not be liable to the undersigned or its invitees for any damage to property, injury or death of any person arising from the undersigned’s or their invitees use or occupancy of the premises.  The undersigned hereby indemnifies and holds MBC and its employees from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, expenses, fees, fines or penalties including attorney fees arising from any claim made against MBC or its employees.  Outside Services: MBC must pre-approve all catering companies, equipment rental, florist, entertainment and any other sub contractors contemplated to be used and must provided to MBC with the names, addresses and phone numbers of its event contractors and planners. Tent location, setup and removal dates and times must be pre-approved by MBC.  Advance site plan, permits and itinerary of events must be discussed and approved by MBC at least sixty days prior to the event.