Posted on October 14, 2013 by Michelle Renee Photography

When Sara asked me to photograph her wedding on Manasota Key, Florida, I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!” I mean, come on! First of all, it’s Sara. And if you have ever met Sara, you love her. And it’s Florida. If you have ever been to Florida, …. well, you know the rest. Clearly this was a win-win situation for everyone, and I could hardly contain my excitement during the months preceding Sara and Mike’s wedding day. Every time Sara and I would chat, she would drop hints about her plans for the day. Succulents, Japanese lanterns, beach side ceremony… It was like a wedding photographer’s dream all wrapped into one! And, I need to tell you, it was all that I thought it would be…and more.

Manasota Key is a barrier island that sits on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It. Is. Gorgeous. And remote. And a true escape from reality. And did I say GORGEOUS? It is home to Manasota Beach Club where Sara and Mike chose to hold their wedding festivities.  It is also home to about 568 million lizards. At least.  But that’s a story for another day…  The beach club was covered in lush, green, exotic plants and colorful hibiscus flowers decorated the walkways.  Gopher tortoises wandered the premises at their leisure, making their way onto the beach club courtyard around noon each day for lunch.   They were not phased by the visitors that shared their space and were happy to take hibiscus flowers out of your hand should you decide to feed them.  The lizards I mentioned were everywhere. As in EVERYwhere.  They scurried in every direction as we walked the paths, and the blue heron met us on the beach in the mornings.  If it isn’t apparent already, the Manasota Beach Club was a magnificent, unique, perfect venue to celebrate the love of Sara and Mike.

On the day of the wedding, Sara…in true laid-back, calm, sweet, Sara style…went swimming.  She swam in the ocean.  She swam in the pool.  And she enjoyed the downtime surrounded by her closest friends and family who had made the trip to Florida to stand with her and Mike as they became one.  When it was time, Sara, her sister, and her best friends prepared in a seaside cottage overlooking the Gulf.  The sun shone bright and there was a glimmer in Sara’s eye.  She had waited for this day for a long time. A verrrrry long time…and she was savoring every. single. moment.

On the sand, a bamboo arbor stood facing the dunes.  Mike had personally designed and hand-made this arbor for this day, and it was stunning.  It’s simple beauty was breathtaking, and there in the sand, on an otherwise empty beach, it stood tall.  Mike stood beneath it as Sara and her father made their way down the seashell lined path towards him.  It was there, surrounded by their closest family and friends, that Sara and Mike promised each other forever.  They said personally written vows to each other… they laughed at personal jokes… and they cried tears of joy.  The crowd cried with them as they celebrated this moment..this day…this love.  With arms raised in excitement, the newly announced Mr. and Mrs. Weidner made their way to the Beach Club’s oak deck where strung lights decorated tree branches. 

Covered in burlap and lace, and underneath a canopy of green, the tables glowed in the evening light.  It was beautiful in every way.  Each and every detail Sara had planned for her day turned out just as she had hoped.  Those that loved her and Mike most were at their sides.  And she was finally Mrs.  Weidner.  All was right with the world.

They released Japanese lanterns over the ocean and danced well into the evening.  There was much to celebrate and they had no intention of cutting this party short.

Events held at Manasota Beach Club create memories that last a lifetime.  Here are some videos and testimonials from just some of our guests who have held their special event at MBC.

Kelli and Chris Dunham married at MBC April, 7 2013.  It was a fantastic day for a wedding!

Here are some videos that were published on Youtube.com from that event.

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